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”The journey is the destination”.

Dan Eldon




MH Bland Marine Services is both the principal stevedoring company as well as the leading provider and operator of harbourcraft, tugs and barges in this busy port.In 2009 the company took delivery of a new workboat designed and built to meet the growing needs of delivering crew, stores and spares to vessels at anchor. MHB Swordsh is an aluminium catamaran powered by twin jets with a payload of ten tons and a speed of 20 knots. She is licensed and certied to carry 12 passengers and is particularly adept at providing a fast and efcient “off port limits” service within the Strait of Gibraltar.





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Gibraltar’s status within the European Union makes it an ideal port for transshipment operations of specialist cargoes and the company is active in this area.

The company has equipment ranging from a 250 ton Gottwald mobile harbour crane with a 36-ton lifting capacity and a variety of heavy and lighter forklift trucks, to smaller cranes suitable for bulk cargoes.

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The company operates two lubricant supply barges. MHB Oilfish was re-commissioned in 2011. She is double-hulled with a total capacity of 480,000 ltrs, fitted with updated electronics and new engine room facilities. Dragonfish has a total capacity of 280,000 ltrs. Both vessels operate to the highest HSSE standards.

All our vessels are surveyed and certified annually by Gibraltar Maritime Authority’s surveyors. We deliver lubricants on behalf of Shell and B.P. amongst others, to the high HSSE standards.

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Gibraltar’s strategic location at the entrance to the Mediterranean and its special status within the EU make it the ideal point from which to conduct re-provisioning exempt from VAT.

MH Bland Marine Services’ own fleet of harbourcraft tugs and barges together with the company’s team of stevedores offer a integrated range of services. This makes us highly competitive and guarantees a reliable service for our clients.

Flexible working practices, good communications, competitive prices and Gibraltar’s direct air links with the UK add to the port’s attraction for re-provisioning operations.

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Involved in shipping since 1810, the Agency department of MH Bland has the experience, local knowledge and backing of a local organisation that extends a very high level of service to the Mariner visiting Gibraltar – particularly important considering the special requirements of super yachts.

The Agency department attends to the requirements of a large number of luxury cruise liners and super yachts calling at Gibraltar. As a member of the Multiport Ship Agency Network, the company has passed the network’s stringent annual financial and professional assessments.

MH Bland is a member of the “Association of Yacht Support Services” an organisation composed of agents and suppliers offering specialised worldwide coverage to the super yacht industry.